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Why Ethical Data Use Is A Business Imperative     +

Data brings both promise and peril.

Today’s business leaders face a dilemma between data as a critical component of their competitive strategy and the inherent risk that data collection and use brings with it. Capturing data, leveraging its value and retaining that data as an asset is the lifeblood of many corporate strategies and initiatives today.

But years of accruing data at all costs, negligence around protecting it from bad actors, and failure to be transparent about the use of that data have left consumers jaded and regulators reactive. The imperative to change has become more acute with the latest breakthroughs in data-fueled Artificial Intelligence.

It is not just a social responsibility for businesses to become better data stewards, but a competitive necessity. Accordingly, the Ethical Tech Project recommends that firms enact these responsible data principles: a social contract of privacy, agency, transparency, fairness, and accountability surrounding data’s lifecycle from its collection, to useful application, to retention.

Join us on the journey to build a more responsible future - one in which people can trust companies with their data and innovation is once again synonymous with doing good for the economy and society.  

What Is The Commitment?     +

The Commitment to the Ethical Use of Data brings together leaders who have pledged to 5 Bedrock Ethical Data Principles across the data lifecycle, from data collection to retention:

Privacy: First and foremost, sensitive and personal data must be collected conscientiously – and used and protected with care. If personal data is no longer relevant to the purpose for which it was collected, it should be erased.

Agency: To preserve data dignity, people should be given choice and control over how their data is used, and have the power to change their decision at any time – and those choices should been forced across all the data systems that process that data.

Transparency: Businesses must communicate, in simple language, how they will use data they collect, who they will share that data with, and how long they plan on storing the data.

Fairness: Businesses must measure and mitigate over the impact of data systems and the outputs in machine learning, intelligent systems, and artificial intelligence that may have disparate impact or bias in application.

Accountability: A business’s technology and its employees must do what it says it will do system and organization-wide. We envision a world where if entities don’t do right by people, businesses are held accountable.

How The Commitment Works     +

Signing the commitment is the first step toward a better future for your business, your customers, and society.

First, sign the form below as your initial submission. Completing this form confirms that you have a shared vision with The Ethical Tech Project and is the first step to engaging with us, making your commitment public and accessing our resources.

The Ethical Tech Project will review your initial submission, and after confirming you meet guidelines for becoming a signatory, we will follow up with a set of resources to communicate the principles to your organization and empower your team to make the changes required to live your values within three business days.

Finally, The Ethical Tech Project will stand by as a partner, cheerleader, and communications resource to help you put initial wins on ethical data use on display for the world to see.

There is no financial commitment. This is not a compliance or regulatory exercise. This is a commitment focused on helping you drive organizational change as part of a community of leaders that shares your values.

Sign The Commitment Now     +

Once a C-Suite leader (e.g., CEO, CTO, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Product Officer) agrees they are aligned with the 5 Bedrock Ethical Data Principles and confirms they meet the guidelines as a signatory, they must complete the form below as an initial submission.

The Ethical Tech Project will review the submission then, once accepted, be in touch with a set of resources to communicate the principles and empower others within three business days.

As a part of this commitment, the leader is pledging to bring the rest of their leadership team along, be an advocate for these practices, cascade the information to the appropriate people, and commit to ensuring the practices get executed over a period of time given this is an evolution, not an instantaneous solution.

Signing the commitment is the first step toward a better future for your business, your customers, and society.

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