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Introducing Ethical Tech Enablement Partners

Achieving Data Stewardship - implementing ethical data principles at the firm level - is a journey of organizational change.

Like Sam and Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, any journey is only made possible by having a partner with you the whole way.

The Ethical Tech Project’s mission is to design, build and implement a blueprint for the ethical use of data on the internet. Partners help get you there.

The blueprints we’ve designed- whether non-technical like the Commitment to the Ethical Use of Data, or technical like The Privacy Stack - are like maps for those on the journey to Data Stewardship. And to implement them, many organizations will need enablement partners to get the job done.

To support those committed to the journey, The Ethical Tech Project has compiled a directory of enablement partners who are able to guide firms in the system improvements required to improve their ethical data use posture, enact organizational change, and achieve stronger business outcomes through ethical data use.

The Trust by Design platform: Ketch enables businesses to be responsible stewards of data. We provide simplified privacy operations and complete, dynamic data control and intelligence.

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UPLEVEL, specialized privacy-focused consultancy for advertisers and marketers.

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SafeGuard Privacy is the only auditable next-generation privacy compliance platform simplifying privacy for everyone.

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CrossCountry Consulting, a strategic advisory firm dedicated to helping you manage data and privacy risks while enabling your business.

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We invite enablement partners to apply by sending an initial inquiry email to with the subject line “Ethical Tech Enablement Partner.”

Please include your name, title, and organization in the body of the email. Once received, we will share our intake form for completion.

There are 2 types of Partners:  

Technology Partners provide technological solutions and products that sit directly in or are ancillary to The Privacy Stack.  

Solutions Partners supply consulting and business services to solve for challenges related to ethical data use within firms.

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