Technology should help humans flourish. Let’s work together to build a more ethical internet with responsible data use built-in.

The unethical use of data is preventing technology from realizing its full potential. We’re gathering the brightest minds of ethical data use to push for change and enable human flourishing.

The future is rooted in data, and consumers need to know that tech companies will protect their data and privacy. That’s where we come in.

The Ethical Tech Project is a think and do tank that aims to make the web safer for consumers while at the same time supporting tech companies’ efforts to become better data stewards.


Policies that promote healthy coexistence with technology and support human flourishing.

Easy to understand privacy steps every user and consumer can take to retain sovereign data dignity.

A set of standards that are responsive to existing rules and regulations and offer engineers the tools, patterns, and frameworks for privacy-by-design.

The Bottom Line

We can and must build blueprints for the future of privacy so that intelligent systems can be used as a force for good.

Learn How to Implement Ethical Tech: get The toolbox for ethical data use

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