Zareena Javed

General Counsel,, Inc.

Zareena Javed is the General Counsel at DRIFT, a marketing technology company. With a focus on data privacy, she oversees the protection of both DRIFT's data and customer information. Zareena collaborates closely with the product team to integrate privacy measures throughout the product life cycle. Previously at DataXu (now Roku), Zareena implemented and managed a GDPR compliance program for a complex product in the advertising technology sector. She is passionate about advocating for privacy by design, working to strike a balance between data protection and innovation.

Zareena is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School and the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, holding certifications in privacy (CIPP-E and CIPP-US). Her expertise lies in navigating the intersection of legal requirements and technology to ensure robust data protection strategies.

Zareena is dedicated to fostering a privacy-conscious approach in product development, making data protection an integral part of business practices without stifling creativity or innovation.