Media Industry Council

Calling for Media Industry Council Nominees!

We’re convening a community of experts - starting with our Privacy Advisory Board and now expanding to select Industry Councils - to define privacy standards for a new type of data ecosystem that places permission and trust at its core.

What is the Media Industry Council?
Industries across the economy are faced with consumer risk from the increasing intensity of data collection on one hand, and technological risk as the rate of technological change upheaves their way of doing business on the other.  

The Media industry - from publishers, advertisers and marketers, to ad-tech providers - is at the nexus of consumer and technology risks. The attention of subscribers, readers, watchers, and listeners in the media industry is the currency of almost every media business to some degree. Publishers have a gigantic reach across billions of data subjects and possess a massive trove of consumer data that advertisers and technology partners seek to access. The trend in the future will be much the same as in the last ten years: more and more data collection. 

Meanwhile, increasingly sophisticated technology throughout the media industry’s value chain is making it increasingly easy to erode the privacy rights of those data subjects. Industry professionals that ignore the right to privacy do so at their peril: consumer trust is at stake, making or breaking the businesses of today as we accelerate rapidly into the future. 

Facing these challenges head-on are the members of our Media Industry Council: leaders within the media industry that want to balance a respect for consumer privacy with the need to use technology to enhance their products, businesses, and value to customers. Our council members will be charged with helping drive a bottoms-up adoption of privacy-by-design, starting with evangelizing the ETP Privacy Stack,

What is the Privacy Stack?
In October 2022, The Ethical Tech Project is launching our first ‘product’ - “The Privacy Stack” ( - launching soon), a reference architecture that empowers developers to bring the right set of privacy controls to their unique product architecture, enabling a quick and clear implementation of privacy-by-design.

The principles behind The Privacy Stack are clear:
  • Bring the right set of privacy controls so every stakeholder can act independently to orchestrate an organization’s posture towards privacy compliance. 
  • Implement a privacy-by-design solution once and withstand a changing regulatory compliance landscape.
  • Clearly articulate the tradeoffs in both securing data and extracting value from data - making the most of user data while ensuring user confidence.
Our Industry Council Members will have the opportunity to guide The Privacy Stack as it evolves from Version 1.0, providing input and linking The Ethical Tech Project to practitioners that are excited to adopt and deploy privacy-by-design architectures.

Who are the Media Industry Council Members?
Our members fundamentally believe in the right to privacy as well as the power of technology to improve our lives.

We seek Industry Council members that are established leaders in their industry and able to connect us directly with those making crucial product decisions around privacy. Some members are technologists with experience in software development and IT, while others are approaching the same problem from legal and compliance roles, or from marketing and other corners of the firm. All members are luminaries that care deeply about the issue and about taking a collaborative approach to supporting human flourishing through technology. 

A representative set of our Advisory Board members - and soon our Industry Council members - can be found at

What are an Industry Council member's Responsibilities?
Our Board is comprised of volunteers who help us achieve our vision through three main activities:

1. Convene

Join us for two Council meetings per year. We aim to maximize your impact while minimizing conflicting schedules and synchronous participation.

2. Define

Facilitate connections and introductions to achieve strategic aims and help the project find collaborators and partners - starting with product decision-makers within your industry.

3. Advocate

Write and sign on to public-facing op-eds and opinion pieces advocating for the application of Ethical Tech principles and the right to privacy within your industry.

Read to join us?
Reach out to or find our existing members on LinkedIn - we can't wait to hear from you!